Every scarf is unique
Silk paints flow on the silk. Painting is very much like watercolouring, it takes a lot of precise movement and a bit of crazy nature. Every scarf is unique, no two scarfs are identical because it is simply impossibile to paint it the same. Every silk scarves is one of a kind!

The process
After framing silk scarf on a special strencils and drawing gutta outline for the picture it needs to dry up for 24 hours. Painting a bit like a fight with time and paint, which seems to be alive and have its own mind. Silk scarf needs to dry up for another 24 hours after painting. The paint is being fixed on the silk and then gutta is washed out. The scarf is perfectly washable (by hand of course!)

The Silk
I sew my own scarfs on a overlock sewing machine. The natural silk comes from China and I use Habotai in two types: Light and Medium. Light Habotai silk is very delicate, semi transparent and a bit glossy. Habotai Medium is heavier, non transparent rich and a bit glossy.

The Paints
I paint with silk paints of polish brand. Silk paints do not fade in the sun and are completely washable by hand. The painting will not come off even after years of wearing! 
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